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Grant Writing

There are many opportunities for business, community groups, sporting clubs and individuals to seek additional, usually financial support through grants. Grants or funding opportunities are available through Federal, State or Local government agencies, corporate groups, educational & financial institutions and more.  Applying for a grant can be daunting and often difficult to get right.

Active Admin Solutions is experienced writing successful funding grants and tenders. There is a process to applying for a grant or submitting a tender. We can help you with this process. Collaborating on a submission that will demonstrate how you, your business, organisation or group meet the eligibility criteria, need for investment and ability to complete your project on time and within budget.

When you are successful we will continue to work with you to understand the funding or service agreement, conditions, reporting and acquittal process.



When dealing with a professional, organisation, practice, company or group there is often a peace of mind for your clients when you are able to show that your business has been assessed and meets a recognised Standard.

Achieving third party verification, accreditation or recognition for meeting a business standard is a great morale booster for you, your business, employees and most importantly your clients.

There are many different Standards or Accreditation and Rating processes. Depending on the assessment or audit requirements your organisation will need to evidence your ‘Rule Book’ or Policy & Procedure Manual and show how you implement this in your business.

Active Admin Solutions works with you through this process, supporting you to identify the areas for improvement and getting your organisation ready for auditors.

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