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CRM Setup and Management Services

Your CRM should be your

best mate in business

A CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) can be the best asset of your business if used correctly. It not only stores all your client or customer information, but it can give you an insight into the reason they interact with your business.


CRMs and databases can help you to nurture leads. You can manually enter people (i.e. when you meet at networking events) or you can use your CRM to collect data when people sign up on your website.


However people come to be on your CRM, you can set up sales funnels to move them along the relationship from enquiry to purchase.


You can also gauge their interaction and send them emails to spark their interest, ultimately creating more sales due to relevancy.


We’ll help you by:

  • Reviewing your existing CRM to see if it’s working for you, or finding a CRM that fits with your business and your budget

  • Setting up your CRM, capturing all your customers and clients and making sure you and your staff have the correct access permissions

  • Training you and your staff on how to use the CRM, where to find data, and the best practices for keeping it up to date

  • Helping you to integrate the CRM with third-party platforms (i.e. separate sales or workflow platforms)

  • Setting up sales automation or email sequences if your CRM allows it

  • Explaining how to use and read the report function of your CRM so you can make it your sales partner rather than a place to merely store contacts

  • Managing stock and inventory for eCommerce CRMs in the retail industry

What businesses say about our CRM setup & management services

Tidy Desk

Since I engaged the services Active Admin Solutions, the efficiency of my business as improved out of sight. When I was looking at expanding my business Sarah at Active Admin Solutions conducted a lot of research into the pros and cons for the options I was looking at. Sarah was able to present me with a number of solutions and I picked the one that suited my needs. 


Lloyd, Archery Addiction

Why businesses trust us to set up and maintain their CRM

We value the importance of a CRM for any business. And as virtual providers, we have tried and tested many different CRMs in our personal journeys, finding out what works, what doesn’t, and how to choose ones that suit different businesses' needs.


You can rest assured that our team:

  • Are dedicated to supporting you and your business

  • Want to help your business grow and succeed

  • Are passionate about business and committed to you

  • Will always represent your business in a positive manner


Are you making the most out of your CRM?

If you've made your CRM your business bestie, that's awesome. But if you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, let's chat so we can show you the power of a fully functioning CRM.

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