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Grant Writing & Application Services

Get funding through business grants

and funding opportunities

Did you know there are many grants and funding opportunities available through Federal, State and local agencies, corporate groups, educational and financial institutes and more?


Grants are not often widely advertised, and we’ve seen businesses miss out on funding simply from not knowing what was available. Or they’re shared with your business just before the closing date and if you don’t act fast, you miss the opportunity.


Many business owners also put grant writing and applications into the ‘too hard’ basket as they’re not familiar with the process, or don’t think they’d meet the criteria. Others spend countless hours applying for grants that they don’t qualify for.


But we say, it doesn’t hurt to try! And we’re here to qualify you before you invest time in applying, or to do it all for you.


Grants are assessed on the application's quality, so you must present yours as a stand out to the selection panel. Writing grants and addressing all criteria takes some practice, patience and polishing. We’ve been doing this for years so have our P’s all sorted and know what it takes to win grants.


We’ll help you by:

  • Sourcing relevant grants that are suitable for your business

  • Assessing the eligibility criteria to ensure you’re a viable candidate

  • Scoping out any investment, project time or budgets for your applications

  • Project managing the application and liaise with all stakeholders

  • Crafting a well-written and concise grant application that aligns with your business values and meets all the required criteria

  • Making sure all the relevant paperwork is submitted on time

Grant application success stories

Home Desk

We have worked with Sarah on many successful funding grants and tenders that have contributed to the growth of our services and programs and increase employment opportunities in our community.


Wayne Griffiths, Centre Manager,

Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child and Family Centre


I have recently used Sarah’s services to assist with grant-application expertise for a charity I was assisting; and I can honestly say you’d go a long way to find a more personable, diligent, competent and efficient colleague. I will continue to refer business to Sarah and will continue to use AAS myself.


David Peach, Owner,

Your IT Director

Successful grants ranging from $5,000 to $80,000

Successful tenders 2x3 year programs

and service delivery= $1.1M each

You can trust us to write your

policies and procedures

Grant applications take time. From sourcing the grant, assessing the criteria, crafting the written application, providing all the relevant information, through to following up, it’s a lengthy process. That’s why you need a dedicated grant writer (who’s won big grants up to $80K and over $1M in tenders) on your team.


You can rest assured that our team:

  • Are dedicated to supporting you and your business

  • Want to help your business grow and succeed

  • Are passionate about business and committed to you

  • Will always represent your business in a positive manner

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What would you do with a business grant?

Let's chat about areas you'd like to expand and see how we can find grant and funding opportunities to support you to reach your goals.

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