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One of the challenges facing businesses today is managing our time, clients, sales, projects. The easiest way to stay focussed and manage you time well is to use a Customer Relationship Manager or CRM. There are many products and tools available to help with this process ranging from basic single user programs to software that will allow you to manage a group and team involvement, contribution and sharing. Working out which of these tools may (or may not) work for you is a challenge.

Active Admin Solutions part of a group of experts who are able to help you sift through these products and select the right one to fit your business and budget. We can also assist you with uploading your contacts information into your CRM and support you with the setup.

Database Management

If your business uses a database to manage your records for customer or products you will need to keep these up to date and accurate. Active Admin Solutions can help you to maintain and cleanse your database to ensure that you are using the most accurate and up to date information.

We have experience in retail, stock and inventory database management supporting ecommerce sites and shopfronts. Streamlining information ensuring flexibility in reports and removing the pain from stocktaking.

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