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Australian Virtual Administration & Business Support

Your no hassles solutions to actively getting your business in shape

Could we be your new

virtual assistant dream team?

Are you experiencing the ‘business state of chaos’? It’s a real thing you know.


It’s that point where you’re overwhelmed and you feel your business life has spiralled out of control. You’re not even sure you know how it happened! Your brain is drowning in ideas and you can’t seem to think straight anymore. So you spend your days procrastinating and getting by doing the basics.


The result? Your business goes stale and stops growing.


It’s legit, we’ve heard discovered many business owners suffering from this phenomenon.

You need:

  • A break from the long days of getting nowhere

  • To find sustainable admin solutions that work for your business

  • Business processes that help you work smarter

  • A way to prioritise tasks and stay on track

  • A service you can use when you need it without lock-in hours

  • Caring and passionate admin professionals on your team

  • A well-connected virtual network to grow your business

As admin professionals, we’re here to unscramble your business thoughts. It’s what we do. We calm the chaos, create business systems that work, show you how we do it all, and support your business growth.

How Can We Help You?

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Business Streamlining
& Growth

Acting as fool-proof guides, your policies and procedures show how your business works and helps you train team members with consistent processes.


Contract Review
Policies & Procedures

Acting as fool-proof guides, your policies and procedures show how your business works and helps you train team members with consistent processes.

Business Meeting
Online Business Management

Finally, another you in your business! Someone who’ll take care of the day-to-day coordination of tasks and teams, leaving you free to do the fun parts.

Document with Pen
Grant Applications

As specialists in grant applications, we’ll not only find relevant grants suitable for you but take you through the entire process (and hopefully win!).

CRM Setup

Keeping accurate client records is the best way to maintain relationships with them. Finding the right CRM and using it correctly can help you make sales.

It’s lovely to meet you!

Hi, I’m Sarah, the founder of Active Admin & Business Solutions. As a natural organiser and nurturer, I started my business back in 2016 to provide remote admin services while caring for a loved one. Supporting others, boosting them up and giving them reasons to smile are the core values that I live by.


As demand for my services skyrocketed, my team of personally chosen virtual assistants also grew. I guarantee they’re a special kind of human who is not only down to earth and fun, but who have the same level of respect, passion and dedication as I do towards you.

Looking for Executive Assistance, Social Media Management or a Website?

Active Admin & Business Solutions collaborates with a range of highly skilled specialists to connect you with areas outside our provided services

Image by STIL
Executive Assistance

A virtual EA acts as your gatekeeper, taking care of your personal and business administration needs, and becoming the point of contact for your business.

Social Media

As one of the best online marketing tools available, you’ve got to be using social media. Let’s find what works for your business and nurture those leads.

Image by Domenico Loia

A website is your online business card for creating a lasting impression on potential clients. Work with our team to create your online presence or refresh your website.

business discovery call today

Let's get to know each other, discuss your business goals, desired outcomes and needs, and discover how we can work together.

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